Pilot VR

Redefine the physical therapy experience through virtual reality

Early in my college career my dear friend, Jose Maldonado, approached me looking for someone with experience in product design. Having just taken my first class in 3D modeling and falling in love with the subject after a long-standing interest in industrial design, I happily joined his team in creating a proprietary virtual reality headset. The goal was to create an affordable headset prototype that would demonstrate how virtual reality could be used in physical therapy to create a more exciting recovery experience for patients and produce better results.

Pilot VR schematic

I was personally responsible for designing and fabricating an electronics housing. This was my introduction to applying engineering principles to real-world design challenges. I used Solidworks to create the 3D models for the electronic components as well as the housing, and printed the parts using a MakerBot 3D printer. This project taught me how to make informed decisions in a design challenge, integrate user research with the engineering of consumer products, and validate solutions through prototyping.

Pilot VR Headset Front View
Pilot VR Headset Side View
Pilot VR Headset Back View
Pilot VR Headset Top View


Image of Jose Maldonado

Jose Maldonado

Jose Maldonado is a Miami-raised Software Engineer passionate about building engaging and meaningful experiences through technology. He expresses this passion by building experiences in Virtual and Augmented reality environments on Unity3D such as Oculus, and Hololens.