Design is Change

Design a series of posters to promote the spirit of making

As part of the Design Is Change challenge, I designed and produced a series of posters that were donated to a local makerspace – MakeMIA. For the uninitiated: a makerspace is a community where various tools and resources are offered for the explicit goal of creating exciting and new projects. I primarily worked on Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom tablet to create illustrative graphics for posters but took liberal use of Illustrator's 3D tools to create vectorized solids. Through this project I learned to develop a narrative and theme through visual communication.


Image of Silvia Pease

Silvia Pease

Silvia Pease is the founder of 1231org and Pease Design and co-founder of Carregal Pease. She has extensive experience developing branding and integrated visual projects for international markets. She has been recognized for her clear vision, creative thinking, outstanding management and teaching abilities